General Data Protection Regulations 

Data protection regulations are to protect the privacy and data for everybody. 
To ensure that any data we hold regarding your personal details are protected in the way required by the new GDPR rules, please read the following and answer all the questions. 
Whichever way you answer these questions will not determine whether we try to find you a job or not, we will continue to offer a professional service as always. If you have any queries or wish to add any additional information, please let us know. 
All the information that Jackie Wilsher Staff Service and Queensway Personnel Services hold regarding your personal details and work history is stored securely on our computer databases and no one outside of our business has access to this. We do not pass any of your personal information to other companies or individuals unless agreed by you and it is used solely for the benefit of obtaining employment for you. 
You can find our Privacy Policy here which provides you with detailed information on how we use and protect your personal information and your rights relating to this.  

General Data Protection Regulations Consent Form 

I hereby give my consent to Jackie Wilsher Staff Service and Queensway Personal Services to process the following information: 
Personal data 
My Name and Date of Birth 
All my contact details, including telephone number, email address and postal address 
All my experience, training and qualifications 
National Insurance Number 
Passport, driving licence etc., for ID purposes 
Sensitive Personal Data 
Disability/health condition relevant to the role 
Criminal convictions 
I consent to the Company processing the above personal data for the following purposes: 
For the Company to provide me with work-finding services. 
For the Company to process with or transfer my personal data to their Clients in order to provide me with work-finding services. 
For the Company to process my data on a computerised database in order to provide me with work-finding services. 
For the purposes of any temporary employment that I undertake for you I understand that you will be holding my bank details and PAYE details in order to pay my wages, therefore in accordance with current HMRC legislation these PAYE records will need to be securely stored for 6 years. 
Please answer the following questions: 
The consent I give to the Company will last for 2 years OR until such time as I may request the removal of my data. 
I am aware that I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time by informing the Company that I wish to do so. 
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